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American Gluten Free subscribers are committed to gluten free diets. The community is looking for new products to explore. AGF customers are looking for support from American Gluten Free to help them live Free of Gluten + Full of Life.

Product Partnerships are based on in-kind donations. Please read below to learn what the partnership includes.


Subscriber Demographics

  • Current subscribers are in the US only.

  • Subscribers are found throughout the US + concentrated on the West Coast, East Coast + Midwest.

  • 90% of subscribers have Celiac

  • 10% have food allergies, additional autoimmune diseases or are on the journey to live a gluten free lifestyle.

  • AGF Instagram Audience: NY, LA, Chicago, Denver

  • Age Range: 25-44, 45-54

  • Subscribers are looking for new gluten free products to include in their lifestyle.

  • Subscribers value safe products that they can trust.

Box Dimensions:

11.5 x 8 x 4.5 in.

Designed for the ultimate un-boxing experience.

Shipping Address:

American Gluten Free
Lindsey Willson
10853 Bullock Ct.
Parker, CO 80134


Email us today to help the gluten free community discover your brand:

Brands included in the boxes receive an Instagram Follow Giveaway with Product Photography (5 Photos) as part of the product inclusion.


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Snack box, Pantry Box + Kids Box


Food Product Categories:

Savory Snacks, Nuts + Seeds, Nut + Seed Butters, Decadent Treats, Top 8 Free Products, Bakery Products, Breads, Baking Mixes, Seasonings, Smoothie Mixes, Sweet Treats, Paleo + Keto Friendly.

Subscribers are looking for a variety + balance in every box of sweet + salty, indulgences + health supporting products, something to immediately consume + items to stock the Pantry + ingredients to create an exciting recipe that they wouldn't have created without the opportunity from the exposure of the AGF Box.

Current Product Quantities as of 1/30/2019:

Quantity: 200

Deadlines for the AGF Food Boxes:

Products are scheduled for the boxes once tracking of shipment is confirmed

Kids Club Box

Each month we search for exciting products that the kids will absolutely love + that the parents will love buying for them.


Feature Items include:

  • Insta Story shout outs by 3+ Featured bloggers

  • Coupon Code shared to 4K Newsletter Subscribers

  • 5 styled images delivered via online photo gallery

  • 1 follow Giveaway on @AmericanGlutenFree

Product Partnerships

Partnerships are based on in-kind donations in exchange for marketing opportunity to targeted customers.




  • Gluten Free

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty Free


For the Beauty Box as of 1/30/2019: 100


September 30th

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